Red Ball Dog Academy

Rules to make classes the best they can be.

  1. If your dog needs to go outside to potty you don’t need to ask permission just go.

  2. Clean up after your dog. Please bag any bowel movements your dog may have, and place the bag in the small silver garbage can located outside the door. If you do not have any clean up bags, there is a dispenser located on the side of the silver garbage can.

  3. If your dog has an accident inside the building we will hold your dog and you may use the clean - up bucket supplies to properly clean up.

  4. Please wear comfortable clothing. We do a lot of fast moving, backing up and bending over so dress appropriately. Backless shoes are not recommended as they pose a risk to injury.

  5. You are responsible for the actions of your dog.  It is your responsibility to know where your dog is at all times. Do not allow your dog to get into another dogs personal space.  Do not allow your dog to jump on another person or dog.

  6. 5 – 6 foot leashes are the best for our classes. No chain or retractable leashes. 

  7. There is no hitting, kicking or any other physical violence against the dog tolerated, if this happens your classes will be terminated without refund.

  8. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave for any reason we deem necessary.