Red Ball Dog Academy

Thing to bring to Class:

  •  A copy of your Vaccination history/along with a negative fecal test.  Our school requires you to have DHPPL / Rabies / Bordetella.  We need you to bring a copy for us for our records.
  • Soft treats for your dog and an easy way to get to them, example front pockets, treat pouch, or a fanny pack.
  • Payment for the 6 week session in the form of a check or cash. Payment can be made to Red Ball Dog Academy.
  • Your payment is your commitment to your dog and Red Ball Dog Academy for 6 weeks of training .
  • Payment is taken first night to secure your placement in class.
  • Payment is nonrefundable and nontransferable. 

What your Dog needs:

  •  A regular collar, even if you use a harness.
  •  A regular leash 4 – 6 feet long. NO retractable or chain leashes permitted.

Clothing for you:

  • Comfortable, casual clothing. You will be doing a lot of walking, bending and standing.
  • No Backless shoes. Sandals with back- straps are fine, flip flops are not.

Helpful Hints:

  • Do not arrive early. On time is wonderful. There will be a class ahead of you, and you will be an unfair interruption to them if you arrive early.
  • Please wait outside until the class before you has exited the building. Tiffany or I usually man the door and will give you the all clear signal. If the weather is bad and you need to come into the building ahead of time, please try to be a quiet as possible and immediately go behind the tables to the right of the class area.
  • Remember not ALL dogs are dog friendly; keep your dog close to you. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR DOG TO GET INTO ANOTHER DOG’S SPACE.
  • If you forgot your poop bags and your dog leaves a deposit in our yard, please come inside and get a bag from us and clean up.
  • If your female dog goes into season, please do not bring her back to class. Contact us and we will make arrangements for your training to be carried over to a future date once your dog is out of season.


  • Conneaut Lake Sportsman's Club – 11861 Sportsman Road - Conneaut Lake, PA, 16316

WE are looking forward to meeting you and your dog.

See you very soon.