Red Ball Dog Academy

Kindergarten - Our beginner's class.  Perfect for your new puppy, or a young dog that hasn't had any formal training.  These classes will be held at a 5 pm or 6 pm time slot.

First Grade / Grade School - The next step after Kindergarten - reinforcing what we've taught in Kindergarten, strengthening the basics.

Middle School - The next step after First Grade / Grade School - using less treats, more distance on stays and recalls along with new exercises.

High School - The next step after Middle School - less treats, long recalls on a long lead, working hands free with leashes clipped to belts, and new exercises.

College - The next step after High School - learning more advanced exercises - some off leash work

Grad School - Off leash work.  Sending out, dropping on recall, some games

Rally - Learning to heel around a signed course with your dog (Middle School completion required)

Games - Playing different games incorporating skills learned in all of the above classes (by invitation only)